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Located on Southwest Associated University Campus of YNNU in 121 Street which has been honored with a glorious history, the College of Vocational and Technical Education and Elementary Education is one of the colleges in YNNU. It is a higher vocational undergraduate pilot college in Yunnan Province, the first group of education pilot units for Professional Degree in Education Master (Vocational and Technical Education) in China, and the training base for the students upgraded from the junior college to universities and for the teachers in higher vocational colleges in Yunnan Province.

There are numerous personnel training platforms at provincial and national levels. The fields of personnel training are vigorously expanded through many kinds of cooperation among schools, between schools and enterprises and between schools and government, so as to provide high-quality human resources for the economic, cultural and social development of Yunnan Province. In 2011, it was selected as the first group of continuation education bases for national professional and technical personnel and the training base for disciplinary inspection and supervision institutes in Yunnan province. In 2003, Yunnan Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision College was established.

The full time undergraduate programs for higher vocational majors are Pre-school Education, Elementary Education, Applied Chemistry, Secretarial Science and Tourism Management. The full-time programs for the students upgraded from junior colleges to universities are Pre-school Education, Primary Education and Tourism Management.

The College has possessed professional degree authorization (full-time and part-time) in Master of Education (Vocational and Technical Education and Primary Education), and academic degree authorization in vocational and technical education, curriculum and teaching methodology (Applied Chemistry and Primary Education)

Yunnan No.129 Professional Skill Identification Station under the jurisdiction of our college and Vocational Training Center of YNNU are the designated organizations to identify and train the professional skills. The identification and training occupations are all included in the programs of our college.

Training Institute of YNNU which is affiliated to our college includes training centers for Psychological Consultants, Primary Education, Youth Quality and Ability Improvement, arts and so on. About 50000 various kinds of the skilled personnel have graduated from our training institute which is one of the largest training institutions with the most standard management in Yunnan Province.

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