Primary Education
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Training Objective: It aims to train students to acquire the basic theories, knowledge and skills, to be equipped with the modern educational concepts, profound educational qualities, and strong management abilities of education, teaching, research, and innovation. Besides, students should be the senior skilled professional personnel who can be engaged in primary teaching research and management in primary schools, educational institutions and relevant fields.

The following courses are opened:

1. Teachers Spoken Language

2. Chinese Calligraphy Training

3. Hard-Pen Calligraphy Training

4. Psychology of Primary Education

5. Observation and Analysis of Children’s Behaviors

6. Primary Comprehensive Practice Courses

7. Teaching Design of Primary Chinese

8. Teaching Research Methods for Primary Chinese

9. Composition Teaching and Research for Pupils

10. Comparative Pedagogy Teaching Case Studies

11. Mathematical Modeling

12. Primary Mathematics

13. Mathematical Analysis

14. Mathematical Curriculums and Teaching Theories

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