Applied Chemistry
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Training Objective: It aims to equip students with the basic theories and the knowledge experimental techniques in Chemistry and Pharmacy. They should acquire the basic skills and techniques of drug analysis, drug synthesis, drug research and development, production and management and clinical medicine. They should also have the capacity of work and scientific research in applied chemistry and pharmacy and devote themselves to drug synthesis, design and manufacture of pharmaceutical preparation, drug analysis and inspection, quality analysis and identification, aspects of pharmacy modulation and rational use of clinical medicine in the fields of drug research and development, production, inspection, circulation, use and management .

The following courses are opened:

1. Inorganic Chemistry

2. Organic Chemistry

3. Physical Chemistry

4. Microbiology and Immunology

5. Biochemistry

6. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

7. Pharmaceutical Botany

8. Pharmacology

9. Principles and Facilities of Pharmaceutical Engineering

10. Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry

11. An Introduction to Medicine

12. Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis

13. Pharmaceutics

14. Pharmaceutical Analysis

15. Pharmacy Administration

16. Medicine Marketing

17. Drug Toxicology

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