Secretarial Science
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Training Objective: It aims to equip students with the basic theories on secretary and modern public relations, the knowledge of pedagogy and educational psychology and comprehensive artistic quality, basic skills in dealing with secretary work and public relations. The students are competent in secretary work, public relations and the teaching so that they can do the work of office, business, and public relations in administrations, enterprises and institutions and be the teachers in higher vocational schools.

The following courses are opened:

1. Modern Chinese

2. Physical Training

3. Fast Input

4. Document Writing

5. The Management of Secretarial Routine Affairs

6. Modern Office Facilities and Applications

7. Case Study in Public Relations

8. Conference Practice

9. Secretary English

10. Mass Communications

11. Secretary Principles and Practices

12. Negotiation Essentials

13. Administration Management

14. Documents Management

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