Tourism Management
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Training Objective: It aims to train students with the basic knowledge of Management and Economics, and the good mastery of tourism management theories and the service skills. They should be equipped with the abilities to know the development of the trade, the policies and the regulations of tourism industry, to have the competence in theoretical analysis and practice.With good ethics and professional quality, they can be the skilled personnel to meet the requirements of tourism service and management, as well as the teachers in middle and higher vocational technical schools. The students can be awarded Bachelor of Management after they complete the academic studies.

The following major courses are opened:

1. Management Principles

2. An Introduction to Tourism

3. Tourism Economics

4. Tourism Geography

5. Tourism Psychology

6. Tourism Information System

7. Tourism Financial Management

8. Tourism Marketing

9. Basic Knowledge for Tour Guides

10. Tourism Policies and Regulations

11. Professional Knowledge for Tour Guides

12. Simulated Tour Guides

13. Operation Management of Tourist Agencies

14. Tourism Public Relations

15. Tourism Planning and Training

16. Hotel Operation Management

17. Management of Front Office and Guest Rooms

18. Catering Service and Management

19. Tourism Research Methods and Practices for Secondary Education

20. Psychology for Secondary Education

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