Preschool Education
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Training Objective: It aims to train students to acquire the solid preschool education theories and knowledge, good preschool art education qualities, and basic skills and abilities of nursery education, and to be equipped with professional competence in sustainable development. Besides, students should be the senior skilled professional personnel who can be engaged in preschool education especially in preschool art education and management in related organizations such as nurseries and kindergartens, and social services for children. The students can be awarded Bachelor of Education after they complete the academic studies.

The following courses are opened:

1. Preschool Education

2. Preschool Hygiene

3. Preschool Psychology

4. Health Education for Preschool Children

5. Language Education for Preschool Children

6. Science Education for Preschool Children

7. Art Education for Preschool Children

8. Social Education for Preschool Children

9. Kindergarten Curriculum

10. Kindergarten Game

11. Basic Vocal Music

12. Piano and Accompaniment

13. Children's Chorus and Music Conductor

14. Basic Dance

15. Children Art

16. Kindergarten Teaching Aids Making

17. Education Internship

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